Strong back

The back requires regular physical activity in order to remain in a powerful and healthy state. Benefit from the so-called Back Check method by Dr. Wolff, which is capable to analyse the performance of your back, and learn how healthy and strong your back is!

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Strong back

Back pain is a widespread disease. The risk factors for your back health are a lack of physical activity, one-sided strain at work and overweight.

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Rückenfunktionsanalyse im MSC

Back Check method by Dr. Wolff

With this back analysis you will see how strong your back is.

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Chi-Ball Training

Group fitness

Utilise the Flexi Bar Circuit and our prevention courses in order to strengthen your back together with others: spinal exercises, Yoga, Yoga soft, Pilates, Chi Ball.

Prevention courses

Trigger Point Suspension Training

Loosening tensions

Our Trigger Point classes are perfect for you to loosen tensions and agglutination of connective tissue.

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