Rehabilitation and prevention

Harmony and stability for your spinal column.

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Rehabilitation, prevention and mental training

Spinal exercises

A targeted back training in order to strengthen the trunk muscles and to improve its elasticity. The different exercises prevent false posture, tensions and back pain, harmonise the muscular status of the spinal column and optimise stability.


Beweglichkeits- und Elastizitätsstunde (max. 1/2 Std.) zur Vorbeugung, Rehabilitation und als Ausgleich zu jeder Sportart. Beweglichmachen und Dehnen der gesamten Muskulatur. (Erwärmungspflicht!)


Pilates is a training system which addresses equally power, flexibility and coordination. The training not only strengthens the base of the pelvis and deep muscles but also helps to loosen blockages and tensions. In addition, it supports concentration and helps to reduce stress.


Dynamic and smooth movements with a fragrant ball combine elements from Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Piletes, Feldenkrais and relaxation to an integral training. Chi Ball improves the posture, endurance, flexibility, deep muscles, balance and inner peace.

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Training mit dem Chi Ball


With the help of this ancient path of exercising, body, soul and mind can be harmonised through positions (Asana), breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation. Yoga relaxes, gives energy and leads to flexible, tight muscles.

Power Yoga: athletic option


Flexibility and elasticity training (max. half an hour) for prevention, rehabilitation and as compensation to each sport.
Stretching the whole musculature is a compulsory part of every kind of training!