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Range of classes at a glance

Kurs Muskelstraffung und -kräftigung

Muscle tightening and strengthening

Fascien Workout, Speed Ball, Bodypump, Deep Work, cxworx LesMills™

Our muscles stabilise the joints, prevent knee and back problems and hold as well as shape the body. A well-trained muscular system stimulates fat loss, supports the immune system and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.


Kurs Tanzen/Aerobic

Cardiovascular training/dancing

Zumba®, Aerobic, Step-Aerobic, Bodycombat, Bodyattack, Calorie-Burner, Cycling

These classes contribute actively to combat risk factors such as overweight, high blood pressure and diabetes. As a result, the risk of heart attack decreases. Other positive aspects involve strengthening the immune system and very often also improving the blood count. With that, we keep fit and active until an old age.


Training mit dem Chi-Ball

Rehabilitation/prevention/mental training

Pilates, Yoga, Chi Ball, Bodybalance, Spinal exercises, Stretching

Do you suffer from back pain, tensions in the neck and shoulder region and sciatica? Or don´t you even find relaxation during sleep - just can´t find your inner peace? Then, benefit from our long years of experience in this field and the generous course program.


Walking im Freien


Walking, Inline Skating

Walking with special sticks is suitable for those who want to challenge themselves physically in a more gentle way than in jogging.