Muscle training

Muscle training for enhanced power, better condition and strong bones.

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Muscle tightening and strengthening

Speed Ball

Speed Ball addresses the whole body. The main goal is to improve the musculature (especially the musculature in the middle of the body and in the bottom) as well as the stamina of the cardiovascular system.

When you exercise regularly, a lot of sweat and a good muscular tonus are guaranteed and your brain releases happiness hormones (endorphins). Especially women will love the muscle ache in the butt.


Workout is a conditionally demanding training. It is a mixture of cardiovascular training and a workout part using elastic bands and dumb-bells from time to time. Basically, there are no jumps and rotations. There are basic steps only, easy to coordinate. 

Deep Work

Deep Work is athletic, simple, challenging, unique but nevertheless totally different to all known programs - a workout consisting of five elements and a lot of energy!

Because of functional full-body exercises, which always consist of holding and releasing, low-lying muscles are used and the fat burning process is running at full speed. The class is accompanied by house music which helps you to let go and persevere.

Les Mills CXWORX®

CXWORX® is considered as the ultimate way to a tight and defined body. The dynamic training, which fully focuses on the abdominal and gluteal muscles, the back and the lateral abdominal muscles, will make you look good and feel strong.

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BODYPUMP® is the fastest way to shape your body and to improve your muscular endurance effectively. The original barbell program for men and women optimises your personal fitness training, prevents osteoporosis and constantly results in a new sense of achievement.

Fantastic music, an electrifying choreography and free choice of weights make BODYPUMP® an extraordinary experience for all age groups and fitness levels.