Lose weight healthily

Nutrition Analysis + Sports = Continued Success

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Lose weight healthily

Not only a healthy diet, but also a certain level of physical activity is crucial in order to lose weight in a healthy way.
You can feel noticeable and visible signs of success with only short training sessions at MSC (30 minutes twice a week).

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We make it easy for you to get a „healthy“ body shape and show you how to lose weight in a correct and sustainable way.

Apart from healthy life and eating habits, we show you how to achieve a high basal metabolic rate (energy expenditure) and an increased metabolic activity. So, your life will gain in quality!

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Nutritional courses

Eating habits are as different as humans. Most of the people know what is healthy and what is unhealthy, however, unfortunately, the diet plan often looks totally different. The club leichter leben e.V. specialised in nutritional courses.

Club for rehabilitation and health related fitness leichter leben e.V.

Losing weight through circuit training

While doing circuit training, prescribed exercises are completed. After completing one station you go to the next one. Here, the exercises change permanently and offer variety. The breaks are very short.

The training targets the whole upper torso as well as all leg muscles. Very short breaks prevent the body from calming down. This is important for calorie consumption and consequently for losing weight.

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