Small Group Fitness

Provides you with structured and systematic training sessions in small groups.

We follow the high standard of personal training. 

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Small Group Fitness and PFT

Personal Functional Training - PFT

No matter if you attend classes or prefer equipment training, an intelligent and targeted training with maximum health safeguarding requires recognizing individual weaknesses in the field of strength, stability and mobility.

Our offer

Our offer is based on a clear and structured training concept which is called PFT® – Personal Functional Training. This is a combination of current scientific training findings and therapeutical methods. This concept pursues a philosophy that relies on functional and comprehensive exercises with innovative small devices like sling trainer, kettlebells or other day-to-day friendly devices and training methods rather than guided and isolated muscular work on machines. Efficiency and suitability for daily use are crucial factors here.

Our screening

We provide every customer with an individual screening with one of our experienced personal trainers for the start of the training. Based on their result, you will get correction exercises which are tailored to your needs (maximum 10 to 20 minutes). It is advisable to do these exercises for each training session or partially at home. This training program is crucial for your training success and a permanent painless everyday life.

Our vision

If you confide your health and leisure time to us, we consider it our duty to handle them responsibly.

We see ourselves as the initiator of your new “fitness life”. We smooth the way to a healthier life – goal driven, directly and without any detours.   


Functional training in small groups

Small group fitness provides you with structured and systematical training sessions in small groups. It is comparable to the high standard of personal training.

It combines three significant benefits for your training: motivation, fun and high effectiveness with individual instruction and guidance.

The small number of participants in the respective groups allows individual assistance through our coaches. We have been practicing this kind of training since 2005 and have constantly been developing it with a special focus on the quality of our trainers as well as the number and variety of our classes.

This training philosophy sets us apart from other providers in the fitness sector.


What is functional training?

Functional training is a dynamic training which comprises ALL the muscles of your body. Especially the deeper, underlying muscles, which are necessary for the stability and mobility of the body, are hereby affected in a positive way. Due to the three-dimensional training approach, the body is holistically and perfectly prepared for the most diverse motion requests.

Functional training at MSC – improve your fitness as quickly as possible – feel your new energy!


TRX Suspension Training

TRX® Suspension Training

TRX® Suspension Training is a highly effective athletic training method in which you exercise three-dimensionally with a system of ropes and webbing and your own body weight.

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Trigger Point Training

Trigger Point

A targeted training to loosen tensions and agglutination of connective tissue.

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milon Zirkeltraining

Circuit Training

Comfortable, fast and effective training – we offer a suitable fitness circuit for everybody!

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Indoor Boot Camp


Highly intense workout for the whole body with battle rope, kettlebells, viper and TRX.

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